[FEATURE-723] Perspective map GeoJSON doesn't accept style

I assume you tried adding "className": "psc-power" to styleOptions already, and it didn't work?

I try both in styleOptions:

"className": "psc-power"
"className": "power"

Of course, if I write power class into the main style of map component it works but I want to specify this class to only selected plotlines not all of them.

I believe behind the sense, there is no binding for className in styleOptions.
Please add this option, it really gives a cool effect to map objects.

Thanks for trying, Nader. We will look into it.

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I try to render a simple Geojdon Point on the map with a custom icon and color but it seems the color property of the object doesn't work and my icon renders in black:
here is the Geojson object. I try to put color everywhere to figure out the correct syntax as there is no manual for Point.

  "styleOptions": {
    "color": "#FFFFFF",
    "opacity": 1,
    "fill": true,
    "fillColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "fillOpacity": 1,
  "geometry": {
    "coordinates": [
    "type": "Point"
  "type": "Feature",
  "marker": {
    "render": "icon",
    "icon": {
      "path": "map/chopper",
      "color": "#FFFFFF",
      "size": {
        "width": 12,
        "height": 12
      "style": {
        "color": "#FFFFFF"

You referring to your original post?

This was fixed in 8.1.28.

No this is new in version 8.1.39.
If you just copy my JSON into the Geojson layer you will see it is not possible to change the color of the Point(Marker).

I see what you're saying. We will take care of that as well. Thanks, Nader.

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