[FEATURE] Allow styling dates in the datetime picker calendar component

Please add the ability to style calendar dates within the Datetime picker component. E.g. the coloured "16" below.

E.g. something like this:

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I'd also like to see more customization options for the date components, notably the possibility to change the starting day of rows - weeks go from Monday to Sunday in France, having rows start with Sunday can be a bit counter-intuitive.
Maybe the possibility to select a full week too ?

As always, there are ways of doing this as is. But frankly it's not worth the time it takes to get good results,
for example you could change the grid-area to make rows start with Monday, but then you end up with an offset in the grid and things are not so neatly aligned and padded anymore. So then you need to also fix this, and then that, and... you end up deleting the whole thing out of frustration and building your own component.

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