[FEATURE] Disable Session App Bar

Is there any way to disable the Session App Bar from runtime? If not, can that be added?

This has been answered (no):

Thanks for the reply. Can’t say I find that answer satisfactory, but I can work around it. I have a pretty slick navigation UI that I’ll have to re-configure. Oh well.

Is there a way to move the session app bar icon from the bottom right to one of the other corners? I would really like to move it to the bottom left.

Would really like a way to change this. Mobile apps often use bottom nav menus but this icon is really preventing me from taking full advantage of that space.




To expand on @ryanjmclaughlin’s response, as of 8.0.5, you can now hide the App Bar “Revealer”, or change the location by setting the session.appBar.togglePosition property to a value from among “left”, “right”, or “hidden”. There is no option to disable the Revealer, but you do have the option to remove it from view of the user.

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