[FEATURE] Perspective: Dropdown Menu make item selection area taller?


Can I make the dropdown menu display more items in view (i.e. make the selection panel taller)? I have lots of height to utilise, and the dropdown menu has a few items in it.
Also, can I suggest to have an option to jump straight to the selected item upon clicking to select another item? You may not always want to do this, but certainly most of the time. Currently, the select list always starts from the top, even if the last item (for example) is currently selected.



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Wondering the same. The has been asked by a few users especially with dropdowns with hundreds of items.

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I created ideas for these if you want to upvote

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Upvoted both.

You can manually size all dropdowns via the .css files, but I found that the dropdowns would break for some users with smaller phones if the dropdown tried to go past the edge of their screen. Would be great for us to be able to specify the size on a dropdown to dropdown basis!

Any movement on this?

I’m not involved in the process of selecting idea posts and determining if they should become officially-planned features, but I do not see internal feature tickets for either ideas post. As such, there has been no movement form a development standpoint.

i got a work around for you