[Feedback] Omron FINS Driver


It’s great that Ignition provided this Omron integration solution, thanks!

I’m running Ignition 8.1.1, but I don’t see any Omron options when going to add a new device. How can I get the Omron FINs device connections to appear? Does it require a separate license?


The Omron Driver is a separate module. Talk to your sales rep. about adding it to your license.

Otherwise the 2-hour-at-a-time rule applies for trial mode.

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Ok, thanks @JordanCClark

If for some reason you don’t already have the module installed you can get it here: https://inductiveautomation.com/downloads/archive/8.1.1

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dose support read string array, just like D<String50[10]>100 ? seems like not work.

String arrays are not supported. There’s even a test that explicitly enforces that the address parser returns a negative result given string array syntax.

I can’t remember why that decision was made, though…