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I am working with the table component in Perspective. I have a large set of data with a lot of columns. I want there to be a scroll bar at the bottom of the table to scroll left or right through the columns. I cannot seem to get this to work using the styling properties. It takes all of my columns and squeezes them into the existing size of the table rather than generating a scrollbar. I am sure I am missing something but cannot seem to find it. Any advice?

Hang tight. The table component that you’re working with has been completely re-written and a new one will be dropping in soon.

That is great. Thanks. How do we know when new versions drop? I thought I remembered at ICCA the mention of nightly drops. Will there be revision notes this early in the Beta process?

That’s right, there will be nightly uploads. We will reply to that 8.0 announcement thread with the change notes each day. This was all covered in the 8.0 beta document that is posted in that thread.

The table component was recently overhauled. See this post for more details.

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where are this nightly change notes, because that thread is closed…