Find all component properties available

We have a general question

-how to find properties on components that are not in the Ignition Property Editor?
-how to navigate through Java documentation to find all the properties available?

Event script that do “select all” for the Selected Label in a DropDown.
This script working after a lot googling and trying.
myComboBox = event.source.parent.getComponent (‘Dropdown Charge’)
myComboBox. getEditor (). selectAll ();

If properties are not mentioned in the documentation of Ignition, it means they are unsupported.
The properties are likely usable, and probably won’t cause nasty side effects, but IA won’t try to keep them stable (a minor update might break that code).

That said, there are two python functions that often help when creating code with undocumented features like these: type and dir.

  • type(obj) will return the type of the component. You can print that somewhere, and check if it’s a standard Java component with associated documentation.
  • dir(obj) will list all the properties and methods of an object. You can check the list to see if there’s anything useful

If there is something you need to get done, and it only works in this unsupported way, it’s probably best to make a feature request towards IA so in the future it can be done in a documented way.


You might find my introspect() function from this thread helpful: