GIT module needs to refresh project tree


We are currently in the progress of building a module that incorporates GIT functionality into Ignition. By adding the project folders into GIT, we can commit, pull, push. This functionality all seems to work fine except for refreshing the project Tree.

When checking out or switching to a certain branch, the designer needs to be restarted / refreshed. A simple “Update Project” doesn’t always seem to be sufficient to reflect the changes in the UI.

Are there any functions to force a full update in the designer API ?

Thank you very much.


How long are you waiting between git updates and updating the project? The gateway has to recognize the filesystem changes (I believe on a 10s timer or similar) and actually incorporate them into the project. Thirty seconds or so should be sufficient, but if it’s an entirely automated process it might not be enough time for the gateway to ‘catch up’

Works like a charm! Thanks!

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“Git Module” peaked my curiosity, just wondering if this is something you will be putting out in the future or if this is internal for you. Have been looking into multiple git solutions.


Hi Ryan,

Yes, we think about putting this out in the future. First we would like to test it internally.
It is basically a module wich provides a new dockable frame that allows the designer to consult the log, view local changes, commit , push and pull on a project level.

As soon as the module is production-ready, we will post a message about it.

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are there any possiblity to share this module. Every solution we tried without developing a module is either to complicated or do not fulfill requirements.


I know there is the start of one. If there are features that you want added, Im sure you could probably add feature requests to the Issues tab.

Thanks for your response. I will have look on it.

Meanwhile there is an open source module in version 1.0.0 available announced in this forum here:

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