Goofin' about keyboards and editors and such

you can type in qwerty and azerty? :o No way i can do that xd im already making tons of typing errors as it is xd (from typing to fast)

You can try the international layout, which is pretty much qwerty with modifier keys for accents.
For example, typing ` then a makes à, ’ then e makes é…
It sucks for coding, as you need those keys, but it’s simple enough to switch from one layout to the other depending on what you’re doing.

yea… ive changed my langauage short cuts to be something a bit less easy because i kept pressing alt - shift in games which caused all my keybindings to get messed up xD

But maybe ill invest some time into qwerty, ive had to use it a couple of times and it wasnt to bad, just finding where the brackets are is annoying for coding xD those really dont seem to have a fixed space on any layout lol. not even gonna talk about the apple keyboard, such a monster for brackets xD good thing i dont have to use that one anymore lol

I use the regular US keyboard, but with the compose key enabled. It turns accent marks into dead keys for merging with the following letter. Je peux utiliser le français sans difficulté.

Sauf pour chercher des mots. /:

The bigger ones can be reached without any hand movement, the smaller ones require a very small reach. Hasn’t been an issue for me at all. The top row of thumb keys are all meta keys - win/meta, alt, ctrl, and usually used in combination with other keys for shortcuts so you’re naturally moving around a bit at that point anyway.

Yeah, it’s admittedly hard to conceive the scale from just the picture, but at least with my hands, natural resting position has my thumb on either of the two wide keys, so I can easily reach any of the bottom row (space, backspace, l-alt, l-win; enter, tab, r-win, r-alt). The top two are a bit more of a reach, so they’re for less used keys (Pg Up, Pg Down, Home, End).

Now those are keys (pg up, pg down, home and end) I can’t imagine not having easily accessible !

Visual Studio Code is the best. I use it for literally everything. PowerShell, Python, Arduino, HTML, etc. It just works with everything and being able to sync my settings, keyboard shortcuts, theme, and the integration with GitHub is badass.