How create a recipe used igintion

Hello everyone, I am beginning in ignition
let me ask you about the way that I could create the recipe in ignition, please

How would you create a recipe on paper or in a spreadsheet?
What pieces of information would you need?
Where (who) would they come from?
How would those pieces of information be grouped (things that always belong together, things that sometimes belong together, things that can vary independently of each other)?
Is there a single source of truth for approved recipes?
Can recipe settings be changed during production? If so, by whom?
Do you need to keep the recipe settings that were used in an audit log?

I need to create it from the Excel sheet

What is a recipe?

What have you tried? We don't know what shape any of your information takes.

What does "create" mean to you?

I would recommend that you try something and then come back with what you tried and what went wrong.

Perhaps start here:

A few from Mr. Google:

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you know what, i have some recipes in the Excel sheet and I want to import this sheet in ignition? right now I ignore the way that i do it

  1. Have you got a database?
  2. Have you created a recipe table?
  3. Is there a field for each recipe setting?
  4. Do you have some sort of user interface for the database? e.g. MySQLWorkbench for MySQL.
  5. Can you paste the data in using that application?

Okay, I'll just come right out and say it.

If you're expecting us to do it for you, that isn't going to happen.

How are you doing it? You have to help us help you. You do that by providing information on what you're doing and why that isn't working. Hopefully that includes some properly formatted code.



You NEED to start there. Otherwise, nothing we can say or do will be of any help to you.


ok thanks!