How to exchange data with PLC ET200SP?

all industrial communication goes to OPC/ua, and Siemens has a very powerful functional, out-of-the-box ready use. It can be Server or Client use modern security communications, + all other Siemens feature that all other plc doesn't have.
Like: real offline/online programming (you can write the update at home and download to plc without stopping the CPU), in "file" (FC/fb for Siemens) you can swap from the ladder to "st", Pid with autotune. Possibilities to decide if a Tag is retentive or no. and many other, full programmable web servers on all CPU (you can make your HMI wia chrome)
Sincerely Rockwell is very delayed compared to that and I don't see too much open protocol and sure not safety communication.

Then you haven't paid any attention for decades. Siemens boosters do tend to close their eyes to what their competition is doing.

ALL? I don't see that at all. OPC UA is wonderful tech, but there are still many, many embedded devices that can't afford to deploy it, whether for hardware performance reasons or simple integration expense. Trivial protocols like Modbus will not be dying any time soon.

The minimal core of EtherNet/IP is way simpler than OPC UA, from what I can see.

@pturmel I would like to have an exchange of views with you face to face, unfortunately, we are a bit distant. Are you by any chance in Ohio this summer?

ICC (Sept 26-28) is a great place to have face to face discussions :grin:

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I plan to be there, as usual. Do you know when ticket sales will open?

I would then be able to share all of the other gripes I have with Siemens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

"Soon" if you believe the email from February. I don't have any insight into ICC prep. It really must be soon though, given that we're only a few months away.

A simple way to connect with Siemens S7-1500 via the Siemens drivers from Ignition, its addressing is similar to Modbus. I have a few applications where I'm sending and receiving data from the ET200SP bigger brothers. You have to set your datablock to NON-dynamic (Uncheck 'Optimize Block Access' under properties of the block) and address by the entity, datablock and the memory location for example: ns=1;s=[YourSiemensDriver]DB10000,W14. Make sure 'PUT/GET' is enable. The PLC will need to be pingable from the Ignition server. The only thing is planning ahead to make sure you don't break your memory layout later with an update. You might want to corral the in/out bits in their own datablock for sanities sake. Allen Bradley does not have a local OPCUA, instead it uses a server application similar in the vein to RSLinx/FactoryTalk Linx to pull data. It sounds more like you are looking for a cheap HMI solution? I would not go this route for HMI on direct control due to the lag. There are some nifty hand pendants that Siemens offers that will integrate with TIA Portal in the ET200SP application.

this is true. unfortunately, I live and work in Italy, and convincing the "boss" is not so easy. if I'm already in the States I might find a way to be there...we'll see

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