How to open a printer-friendly version of a Perspective table in a new Browser tab

I have a Perspective view with a table in it. The table shows events from the audit trail, and the user can select a time range for which audit trail events they want to see in the table.

I would like to add a button or a link that the user can click on to open a “printer-friendly” version of the table in a new Browser tab.

Currently I have an “export to HTML” button already working (it converts the table to an HTML table and then downloads that as an HTML file, which the user can then open in a browser on their own), but I would like to do better than that.

I think one good way to go about this would be to generate a pdf file showing the table on the gateway locale, and then have a button that opens a new view with a pdf viewer component showing that new pdf file. So how can I generate a pdf file in Perspective with a table in it, and then save it on the gateway locale?

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