How to pass tags into a popup perspective

I thought that seemed like something we should have...

Et voila - you set it up on the individual view:

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I always meant to see what that was all about, and now after trying it I wish that I looked into it earlier! It's actually pretty cool and simple to setup. With me splitting the tag path into parent and name, I have one extra step to do after I drag on the UDT instance into the View (i.e. cut the deviceName from the parent path where the UDT instance path is populated to), but it's super cool to actually be able to drag it on now :slight_smile:
I just need to now do this for all of my template views... haha

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Ok perfect. Thank you thats exactly what I needed to figure all this out. I am just wondering one thing. Could you just do the indirect tagging on the actual tag instead of using the custom section? Isn't it just one extra step?

I could, yes, but a lot of the time the binding would be a numeric value where you also want to read in the formatString and the engUnit and use them in the expression to format the label text. It's also good for diagnosing issues with more complex expressions

Oh ok that makes sense. Ok thank you for that information really appreciate it.

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This appears to be very common issue. Can you put up a video example of this?

Which part?