How To? Push Perspection root custom property value to tag

Where are you calling this script, and what Ignition version are you using?
There's a leak in the underlying Java HTTP client library that was fixed in 11.0.14, which was bundled with Ignition 8.1.15.

I'm calling the script as a timer based gateway event. The version shows Dev Version.

That's...not good. That means you're running a 'nightly' build in production.
I would download and install 8.1.22 as soon as possible. In addition to fixing this socket leak, it'll fix a bunch of other problems and give you lots of new features. Whatever intermediate version you approximately have, it's quite old to be on Java 11.0.11 still.

Great, haha. I will make that happen today.

Thank you for the help, I'll let you know how it goes.

You are also calling within your event. This is not recommended. Make the client object a top-level variable in a project script module. The event would then reference the already-existing client object and the connection caching/persistence it does becomes an advantage.

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