How to update PLC tag value into SQL Database every 15 minutes

I want to update plc Tag value from table which is captured from PLC device to sql database every 15 minutes how to do it? below is the sample table screenshot data which is captured from PLC

Please anyone reply my question

Please anyone reply my question

This forum is largely supported by volunteers with IA staff looking in when they can. Please do not bump a thread within a day (which would be a reasonable response time on many forums). If nobody has answered then consider the possibility that your question is badly worded and does not supply enough information. Edit your question to show what you have tried and where you are stuck.

Have you taken the courses at You will find the answers to your question there.


You've been told repeatedly that you need to:

  1. go through inductive university to learn the basics
  2. read up on how to ask questions

If you keep on doing the things people tell you not to do, it only shows us that you're not listening.
Why would we spend time trying to help you if you're not even listening ? Especially considering that in most cases, you were never seen again after people asked for more details about your issue.
So, again: We are not support. We are not here to hold your hand.


Looking through your question history, Search results for '@Shashiraj_P_S' - Inductive Automation Forum, it is clear that you write very poor questions without research, don't provide the information requested, bump the thread - sometimes in 35 minutes - when nobody answers, you don't appear to have studied the training material and you haven't marked any question as solved.

If you hope for any support from this forum then you need to change your attitude, write proper clear questions after doing your own research and stop demanding instant support. When someone does help you solve your problem then have the manners to mark the question as solved.


Go study the features of the SQL Bridge module in the documentation.

As others have repeated, we are volunteers, you are being rude to us volunteers, breaking this forum's rules, and you will therefore receive minimal help, or no help at all.

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