How to use PyVisa or maybe sockets in Ignition to talk to VISA/SCPI device?

After looking around a bit, I found that PyVisa has its own implementation of the VISA protocol. This means that it doesn’t need drivers and can operate without them, making PyVisa a viable option since it is pure python code; however, it uses C code - as you mentioned (DLL) - so it won’t work in Jython.

I did try getting JVisa into Ignition, but it didn’t work. Here were my steps:

  1. Download & extract from site:
  2. Go to folder: JVisa_and_JVisaOscilloscope _2.0\JVisa\lib\64bit
  3. Open command prompt in this directory and run: pack200 --gzip -E9 JnaVisa64.jar.pack.gz JnaVisa64.jar to create the jar.pack.gz file needed for Ignition
  4. Go to folder: C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\lib\core\common and paste both the JnaVisa64 jar and jar.pack.gz files
  5. Close any open designers.
  6. Restart Ignition Service: Go to services, right-click, restart. Wait for restart to finish.
  7. Open new designer, go to script console, and try: import jvisa. It says the library doesn’t exist.

What did I miss?