[IALabs] Scripting Module

Ok there is now a new update for the IA labs scripting module. You can download it on the marketplace:

marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=46

Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed bug with system.tag.browseTags returning error: does not have the @KeywordArgs annotation.

I’m trying to download the module, however I can’t see it on the marketplace. Where can I found it?

marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=46


Go to marketplace.inductiveautomation.com, click on “Most Popular” tab and then in the IA Labs Scripting.

Next, go to “Try module” on the upper right, agree the terms, click on continue and click on “download module”

Troubles with
function (IA Labs Scripting 1.6.4 (b14)).
It's returning me a set of devices.
Two of them are None in each column (Name, Enabled, State, and Driver), in fact what i see in the Device page is a N/A under the Status column and not the Connected/Disconnected string.
I've found the related exceptions in the console:

Any suggestion?
Thank you!

Any news about my script issue? Thank you


  1. What are those two devices?
  2. Does the connection status on the Devices page always show n/a, or only after you try to set it in scripting?
  3. Can I see the full script?