[IGN-1655]Force to reload the file page-config/config.json after editing it from disk

Ignition 8.1.21

I have some project with lots of pages and I generate the page-config\config.json file or modify it with an external text editor.


When I change this file, I need to wait probably this times or restart the gateway services
in order the modified file is used.



Sometime, probably if somebody has a designer open, the config.json file may be overwritten

I would like to force the system to load my file just after I've write it on disk.
Can we do this ? with some SDK function ?

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Not cleanly, no. We'd like to introduce a demand-poll mechanism, somehow, but we haven't decided on what that will look like yet.

See also: this thread:


any progress about this feature ?

The effort to add a system.project.scan() (and associated SDK-callable mechanism) is on the short-list for one of our teams, which likely means it will be picked up for development early next year.

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May's still 'early', right? :wink:

8.1.28 will add the system.project.scan method noted above, in the gateway scope. There's also an SDK-accessible requestScan method that returns a CompletableFuture on ProjectManagerBase if you want to do anything interesting from a custom module.