[IGN-1770]Perspective best solution to convert vision Jmenu

I am looking for the best solution to convert Jmenu feature of vision project ?
Is there any plan to add some script to perspective to create some context menu ?

Yes, there are plans to support right click menu functionality. Your best bet might be to wait for that first party; I don’t think there’s any great way to ‘fake’ a context menu with popups/etc right now.

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Cool, I Hope this feature has an High priority in the backlog :slightly_smiling_face:

Any progress for support of context menu in Perspective ? We need them a lot.
Nice to see that 8.0.15 enable to prevent the default right click menu of the browser.

to vote for adding this essential feature for Perspective !

Any progress for a first class perspective menu feature ?

IMHO it is an essential feature to ease the design of many perspective application for the browser !

This is on our backlog, but no timeline on implementation.

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I know @mazeyrat is already aware, but for posterity: New Feature: Component Context Menu