[IGN-4437]Project Library Randomly Not Found

Just a heads up that we have opened a support ticket (#71389) for this issue, as it is starting to happen fairly frequently, and our environment may be able to assist with tracking down the root cause if IA developers are having trouble replicating it in internal environments.


@ASF has there been any development on this support ticket?

I've personally not seen it since I put us to 8.1.25.

That said, I did find this response in one of the other threads.

We got one this morning and we are currently 8.1.30.

It's been months since I've been made aware of another.

We may upgrade to 8.1.32 or higher before another one occurs.

Just this morning I got an email saying it has been fixed in 8.1.32

Thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely be updating soon.