[IGN-5852] Fix datetime field formats copied from the Database Query Browser resultsets


A picture tells 1000 words:

The date format copied into clipboard when copying a datetime from the database query browser simply isn’t useable. Can this please be copied as ISO 8601 datetime format?
Edit: with fractional seconds as well (from Phil)

Vote here:


With fractional seconds, too, please.

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Added into my OP and idea, good suggestion

Actual ISO-8601?

Including the timezone, specifically?
As in:

Or would you prefer a concession to human readability and just an orderable, all-numeric 'local' datetime?
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS

I can see arguments both ways, so I figured I'd defer to some actual users :slight_smile:

2nd option for me

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FWIW, after a some success some months ago, I am again unable to log into the ideas site. Neither in Firefox nor Chromium. Login appears to succeed (once), but redirects back to the ideas site without credentials. Further attempts simply redirect back. IA's SSO thinks I'm signed in, but canny.io does not. Same as before.

Good enough for me.
As a bonus, I'm adding ctrl + shift + C to copy to clipboard as TSV, so you can directly paste into Excel :slight_smile:


Ended up in 8.1.25:

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