[IGN-6344] Frontend/Backend gateways - Perspective system.tag.write* causing two audit entries

Split Gateway architecture, Frontend and Backend.
Recently upgraded from 8.1.5 to 8.1.18.

I’ve just noticed that calling system.tag.write* in Perspective, not affecting Vision (haven’t specifically checked anywhere else) is causing duplicate entries to be recorded into the audit log - the frontend row has the ACTOR and ACTOR_HOST non-null while the backend row has these as null (makes sense).

I’m assuming that both the frontend and backend are auditing these independently: frontend handles the first call to the function and audits the call and the call is then sent to the backend which process it as well and both writes to the tag as well as adds an entry to the audit log.

Is this something that can be resolved?

Also, the backend version logs the qualified value as-a-string (unexpected/unwanted) into the ACTION_VALUE while the frontend only logs the value (expected/wanted)

I wrote true and false sequentially from the frontend. default_fixed is the backend tag provider name, default is the frontend name (don’t ask…):

An issue started in 8.1.18 where audit logs were getting records that shouldn’t be there when using system.tag functions via Gateway events. A fix for this is currently in 8.1.19-RC2 and I am pretty confident it will resolve your issue.



@ggross I’m seeing this as being in 8.1.20. Just verifying that it moved up to 19.


Both the issues noted in that post are in 8.1.19-RC2. As things go into a release branch, we try to merge them at the same time into the primary development branch as well. Sabrina just makes note of what has been merged into the primary development branch the prior day. In this case, it also included items from the syncing of the release branch.


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Cool. Thanks, Garth.