[IGN-6703] Pass username to identity provider for login

I think I already know the answer (no), but is it possible to pass a username into Ignition's idp login screen via script or on button click?

A customer has an existing homebrewed "SCADA" where to login, they have an array of buttons for each user which they click and then enter in their PIN to login. They want something similar in Perspective, but I think they're out of luck due to the security implications this would have if this were actually possible.

But I thought I'd ask just in case.

Something similar was asked here: New "Authentication Challenge" Feature in Perspective - #2

We created ticket IGN-6703 to track a new feature to be able to supply a user "hint" to the IdP to influence which user is attempting to login (can be used to pre-fill the username field on the login form, or perhaps for some IdPs which support multiple user logins per session, it can select that account automatically). I'll link this forum thread to that ticket.

The ticket is still incubating, so it will not be ready to work on any time soon...