[IGN-6822] 8.1.22 Perspective Symbol Fill Colour

Using 8.1.21:

  • create a Coordinate Container View
  • add a Valve
  • change the Style | Shape | Fill to "red"
  • valve is now red, and this is OK

I upgraded to 8.1.22 (to use the new Enhanced Stylesheet) and the fill colour was working correctly.

I then created a new project in 8.1.22 and did the same steps, but now the valve colour is not changing. (I also restored a project and it was still broken.) It is also broken in the project that was working.

Here is 8.1.21:

Here is 8.1.22:

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Well, that's disappointing. I'll make sure we fix it for 8.1.23. Thank you for the quick and concise report.

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@cmallonee Have you looked into the cause of this at all yet? And if it affects anything else? We're about to do an upgrade to 22. We don't use any of the smart symbols though but wondering if it affects other things?

@bcj Have you tested with style classes?

Actually, this doesn't seem as bad as I thought, since the colour of these symbols is really based on the prop.state prop.

Yes we are using styles to set the fill colour and that is how I noticed it initially. We don't change the state of the valve actually and just keep default as we manage the state ourselves (also did not know where to change these state colours).

The odd thing is now it is working on my local machine where I took the screenshots. I had reverted to 8.1.21 and used the style sheets but put it back to 8.1.22 to answer your question. I restored the project, export/import/etc. to try to break it again but it is still working. I am going to leave our dev system at 8.1.21 for now though.

When will v8.1.23 be out? I have the same problem now and we have developed screens that worked in v8.1.21 that are now unusable until this is patched.

I also use styles to change "smart" symbol fill animation. I wasted a few hours troubleshooting this to find its just a bug...

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