Ignition Designer Custom Pane Example


I am starting to get into more complex module development and want to create a new “pane” in the designer similar to how you have the different panes for vision/perspective, etc. Is there an example of this somewhere that is easy to follow?

The reason I ask is that I want it to be able to do tasks on the gateway from the designer. I know that is kind of very abstract but there is only so much that I can say. Another thing that I want to say is that some of what I want to do, I have already implemented as gateway functions but I think that it would be more beneficial if I could do these tasks in the designer instead of a vision client.

It would be a custom Workspace. That might be enough clue to get you started. (:

I would recommend checking out this thread. There you can find how to implement a resource workspace in ignition 8.1 and forward. In the resource editor you can setup the editor and call your gateway funcions using rpc.

Good luck