Ignition Designer slow to launch

I’m commissioning a new Ignition installation, and all of a sudden Ignition Designer is taking an unusually long time to launch. Whether I click the desktop shortcut or the link from the gateway configuration web interface, I see no action at all for around 2 minutes. After that, the “loading/extracting scripts” dialogs pop up and it opens within a few seconds, and runs as fast as I could want. But there’s a consistent two minute lag between requesting that it open, and seeing any signs of it opening.

I’m launching it on the gateway itself, so there should be no issues with having to download it across a slow network connection. I’ve tried a reboot, restarting the gateway, and allowing javaws.exe through the firewall - no change. This only started happening in the last day or so, after two months of development, and I can’t think of anything that changed around the same time.

Any ideas how I might go about trying to track down the cause?

Use the native client launcher instead of the java launcher you get by pressing “Launch Designer”

You can download the native client launcher from the home tab at the bottom.

Try disabling 'certificate revocation checks', as described here:

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That was it. Yes, these clients are off the internet now, and will remain so.

Just as a matter of best practice, is there a way to leave certificate revocation checks on, but just except the Ignition applications from the checks?