Ignition Edge - Most powerful Home Automation server in the world

I thought, i will Ignite the minds and passion of the Ignition community today. I was deeply involved in large scale HA projects, 10 years back. I have been following this HA technology since then and have done enormous research on this subject. Today, i can confidently say that, Home automation eco-system has very well matured and is a viable BIG business for SI’s. We need opportunities to survive. I think, HA opens up some huge opportunities for the automation guys.

My dream:

1. IgnitionHA + unlimited drivers + license to monitor any 50 devices – USD 99/-
2. Every extra device license – USD 5/- (bulk discounts available)
3. Ignition HA client - Free
4. IPV6 enabled, plug and play.
5. Annual subscription – USD 19/-

Ignition can launch it in partnership with “Home Assistant + Amazon.com + Raspberry PI + Samsung + Home appliance manufacturers”.

With USD 99/- base package, Ignition can easily aim to sell 100,000/- licenses in the first year and a million licenses in 3 years.

Home security is becoming a very big concern. Every home owner wants to be notified on his/her mobile when a security breach happens. Ignition must focus and give high priority for this segment.

What do you think?. Please share your ideas :slight_smile:

Home Assistant - MQTT enabled - Can talk to more than 1000 devices and growing:
Awaken your home: Python and the Internet of Things:

Hass.io is an operating system that will take care of installing and updating Home Assistan
Introducing Hass.io - Home Assistant

What is the BEST choice for home automation in 2018! – openHAB 2

I installed on Ubuntu, within 10 mins and checked. AWESOME !!!.


Check out the price…

Samsung is NOT an integration platform. It can talk to few products manufactured by Samsung. But HA is an emerging market and billions of devices will become smart in few years. What’s missing is a decent integration platform. This is where Ignition has a great opportunity. I can see openHAB can become a good partner for Ignition HA.

Home is very personal and nobody wants to put his HA on cloud. They call HA as “Intranet of things”. Hacker proof HA system will become the USP.

I am little bit surprised to see striking similarity between openHAB forum and Ignition forum!!.

They use the same forum software, as does home assistant https://community.home-assistant.io/
The software is https://www.discourse.org/

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I have engineered decent Building Automation projects on Tridium, a very powerful BAS integration platform from Honeywell. So, i think i am qualified to speak on this subject.

I have always been looking for a rock solid HA server for high end apartments, villas, bungalows and ranches of millionaires and billionaires. Till date i couldn’t find one, until it suddenly dawned on me “why not Ignition Edge?”. Read on…

MQTT is emerging as the ultimate protocol for HA and IOT business because of it’s light weight, publish/subscribe nature. Many intelligent sensor and embedded controller manufacturers are adopting MQTT into their products. Today, we have Ignition Edge, built for IOT and MQTT. This is like a dream come true.

I call Ignition as the Rolls Royce of SCADA business. Ignition Edge software is very much affordable. The list price is USD 400/-. It’s possible to build a beautiful rock solid HA showcase project on a Linux box for less than USD2000/- investment. HA is like jewellery business. If you know how to reach the right client, you can make good money.

I would say that there are lot of tools avialable which helps to get the comfirtable in home conditions.I have checked some tools for the smart home where tools are necessory for the powerful automation.