Ignition, Ignition edge with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier card

We are interested to use Ignition 8.1 or Igniton Edge with a Perspective client, with a device powered by a NVIDIA Jetson Xavier card.
Any feedback with Ignition for such architecture ?

It seems user @joev has played with Maker Edition on these… maybe he can offer some feedback on how it runs or if there were any issues.

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@Kevin.Herron, with Ignition 8, there is no need to install Java 8 as described in this video.
Ignition 8 use an embedded Java 11 JRE.

Sure, that’s true. We didn’t make these videos :slight_smile:

I have been running ignition maker on my Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX for awhile.
It runs very nicely.
I use Ignition in my daily work as a controls technician.
I believe the ignition is the perfect platform for a device like the Xavier NX.
I have been trying to get Nvidia to take notice of the potential of the combination.