Ignition OPC UA Server Faulted and wont reset

The logs you sent support show you haven't restarted the gateway since March 27...

I'm not sure why that is, I've stopped and started it at least 4 times today and several yesterday.

Did you get the right logs from the right gateway? Are you sure you're restarting the gateway you think you are? Not sure there's any other explanation. Gateway restarts are very clear in the logs.

Definitely the right gateway logs. I'm starting and stopping with the bat files.

I'm currently doing a screen share with Loren's. He restarted the service and it still didn't fix it. We're now the process of doing a fresh install.

Also just ran into this bug while developing an Edge project and resetting the trial many times. Gateway restart fixed it. How is it possible to have a memory leak, I thought Java had a garbage collector?

Garbage collectors collect unreferenced/unused memory.

A memory leak is caused by accumulating references to memory without releasing them.

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