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The QR code won’t work until you get a connection from your phone to the PC. Can you bring up the gateway web page on a browser in your phone? You’ll need that working for the app to be able to connect. If you can’t connect to your gateway web page from the phone browser, can you connect to it from another PC on the network?

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I tried to launch the Gateway from my phone browser but did not open. I tried from another computer in the network, did not work either!

The devices are connected (ping successful) but the Gateway cannot be launched in either browser.

any reason why?


I found a solution to the problem, it turned out that new rules needed to be added for inbound and outbound connection in the firewall settings. the rules simply allow traffic from port 8088


That was my next question; glad you got it figured out.

Where are these rules added? Can you provide more detail? I added the inbound/outbound rules for port 8088 in Windows Firewall but Perspective app on my iphone cannot find the gateway and will say it is invalid when I manually enter

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Thanks for your question.

I have done it as follows:
1- Setting > Update and Security > Windows Security > Firewall and Network Protection
2- Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules > New Rule
3- Port > TCP and Specific Local Port 8088 > Allow the Connection > Check Domain + Private + Public > Name the Rule

ensure the rule is enabled. in the perspective app, manually search for the gateway: http://IP:8088


I made my laptop a hotspot wifi network. I connected my iPhone to that network. I am still unable to find the gateway. I don’t know where to find the QR code

Never mind, I had the wrong IP address. It works now. I would still like to know where the QR code is and why scanning doesn’t work

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You need to make the QR code (see link in my post further up this thread). But that won’t help until you figure out how to get connected without a QR code. Start by getting connected to the gateway web page in a web browser on your device you want to connect with Perspective. Until that works, Perspective won’t work either. For testing, turn off the firewall completely.

EDIT: Looks like we posted at the same time; glad you got it connected. Your firewall is likely blocking the multicast from gateway used for scanning (disable firewall to confirm).

Now the issue is that on the iPhone the application seems to be read-only. I can see everything but any changes from the iPhone are dismissed. On my laptop they work.

That sounds like a permissions issue.

Where would I look for permissions that affect Perspective on my mobile?

Any chance you only have the browser license for Perspective?

I am running without a license (2 hours)

I had the same issue the first time I used Perspective, but my memory was a bit foggy on it. Thinking about it more, I remember the issue was the tags were from another server (remote tag provider) and the remote tag provider was read only (due to security zones, IIRC). If your tags come from the same server as Perspective is served up from, you have a different issue.

Everything is on the same machine (gateway, tag server)

I got help from Dobien Cortez and discovered the problem was a rather hidden "feature" of the Dropdown component:

I now notice that if I select a dropdown and type, I get another list
of dropdown choices. If I select from the new popup list, the change
occurs. Therefore, the dropdown itself isn’t working but by typing
the first letter I get a new list that includes selections that start
with that letter, and I can then make a change. That is not what I
want to happen

Got it. Inside the Dropdown Component, there is a member called "enabled" under the "search" property. Try setting this value to false. This will disable the keyboard and hopefully give you the only option to select what's already shown from the Dropdown.

As for the QR code, there isn't one in v8. Dobien said:

In terms of the QR Code, Ignition 8 actually doesn't have the QR codes on the Gateway page. You can generate them using your Perspective Project's URL on other websites like mentioned in the form post. There's actually a feature request for the Gateway to auto-generate QR codes for Projects and Gateways. Hopefully, this feature will be implemented soon.

I consider this topic now closed

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Thanks for following up. So the issue was with a component, not that Perspective had read-only access. Yes, QR codes work and we have to generate them with third-party tools. Automatically displaying them on the gateway webpage would be slick.

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This is something we're exploring internally :+1:


Thank you so much for this !