Ignition projects and Git repo sync issues

Current setup:
• We have initialized and setup the git repo in the data/projects folder in the Ignition installation directory
• We have dev and feature branch to work on the changes
• Currently team is working on a feature branch


  • A person adds a new project through the Ignition designer and checks-in the changes to the branch, when others check-out the changes we cannot see the project in our designer, but the folder appears in the data/projects directory
  • When we rename the folders/views/components etc… the changes are in the folder location, but it is not-reflected/not-shown in the Ignition designer even after we check-out the changes
  • When we have multiple branches in git repo, and we check-out different branch, we still see only the changes from the previous repo branch, the latest changes from the current checked-out repo branch are not getting reflected
  • Basically the sync between the folders/files (from the repo) and the designer is not happening as expected

Sounds like you might need to increase the project scan frequency. In 8.1 the default is 5 minutes, which isn’t really suitable if you’re trying to use git.

In ignition.conf you can add JVM arg to the additional parameters section:


Would set the frequency to 10 seconds.

Thanks for the solution, adding this setting in the conf file and restarting the Ignition service did the trick