Ignition under Docker Usage Examples

Recently I try the docker image to play and experiment with several types of architecture and configuration and work really good.

Any one use the docker images in production stage?? What are your experience??

And really thank you to @Kevin.Collins for your support and contribution :clap: :clap: :clap:

You’re welcome! Stay tuned for an update with support for Maker Edition later today! I’ve just used them for enhancing development/support workflows, but I think there are folks out there running production instances already. You just have to be careful with licensing–can’t yet do scalable deployments.

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That right with the docker image we are improved our Workflow and made more easy the management of demos for our clients.

I think that every integrator must use this type of tools in the every day development.

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Great job @Kevin.Collins :smiley:

I just deleted some resources from my development application.

I simply used your docker image, restored the nightly backup and exported the resouces!

I think I will disable my remaining secondary Ignition VM machines soon, and run all gatways in one docker hub. This is Great for managing end-customer gateways.

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Hi, Sounds like some awesome work happening here. I am new to ignition and am interested in running the maker edition in a docker container via portainer app running on my NAS.
Can you point me to the docker image you have built plus provide any quick start tips for a newbie.

Just curious if anyone has gotten this to work with Kubernetes? I’ve managed to get it running in a cluster with minikube. But if I add a persistent volume to preserve the gateway data. I end up with this in the log:

Provisioning will be logged here: /usr/local/share/ignition/logs/provisioning.log Waiting for commissioning servlet to become active... Failed to detect RUNNING status during Commissioning Phase after 30 delay.