Import transaction group from XML

Is there a way to import an XML file from local env with transaction group configuration through scripting?

Yes. As long as you are sure the named group doesn’t exist. There’s no enumeration of existing transaction groups. ):

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I see system.groups.loadFromFile and system.groups.removeGroups but I don’t understand how to build an XML to import that configuration into Transaction Groups.

Exporting TG configuration gives me a .zip file with some .json files which don’t have the configuration I need. What I am missing?

You can export to XML. Right click the TG you want to use as a template, then ‘Export’. NOTE: There are 2 export options in the menu, use the bottom one to export XML (8.1.7) on my test VM.

You must hold down Shift and right click in the newest versions.

How do you have 8.1.7? I’m using one of Ignition’s latest version that can be downloaded from the website:

I will download 8.1.16 today.

Some screenshots:


I’m still not able to find that option.

Don’t open the export dialog. Shift-right-click on the transaction group in the designer tree.

I missed it so many times that I was going to post a crying face.


Since it’s called Legacy Export, are there plans to remove it? Is there a better way?

I’m hoping the storage format switches to XML directly, similar to what was done with named queries.

No plans to remove it, we just generally wanted to discourage people from getting confused between resource-specific export formats and the more general project import/export mechanisms.