In-built Notification for Perspective Application

Hello Team,
Currently i am working on a project which is being developed under Perspective module.

Is there any built-in notification type of functionality accessible [just within the application] to show notifications about updates, feeds, and so on?

sample screenshot:

Can this type of notification feature be implemented in the ignition?

Goutham Rao

hi team,
Any solution for the above-mentioned question

There's no builtin, but like most things, it can be implemented.
Do you have more precisions about what you need ?
Like, what are the notifications, what sends them, etc.

I think this is still being considered,

hi @pascal.fragnoud ,

We are developing a project under the perspective module titled "Ticketing System."

So, suppose a key person in charge creates a ticket for specific user A. User A should receive a notification stating, "The ticket has been assigned to you."

I'm seeking for this type of notification within perspective apps.

Check this out,

If was also linked in the link above, had you read it. :slight_smile:

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Wait, were you asking for a DISPLAY system, or for a way to SEND the notifications ?

i am asking for a way to send notification... instant notification...
for example, if you use any mail provider, like outlook mail, once a new mail arrives, you get a notification on the top left of the screen [pop up kind notification] ...something similar to that.

or any other way also is fine

I'd usually say that messages is what you want, but in this case...
From what you're describing, I'm thinking 'database'. Which you should already be using for tickets, comments and such.
So all you have to do is query your db for things that concern the logged in user, and display them in a view (I'd use an unmovable modal popup).
If you need to mark things as read/unread, you'll also need to store that information in your database.

I'm not entirely sure what would be the best way to trigger a refresh of the notifications on the front end.
My bet is, a message sent when a new ticket is added, when an assignment changes, etc, that says the db has been updated. You could pass the username/id of the concerned users, so only them need to trigger a refresh.

As far as I understand it, he is referring to a notification outside the app. Like a push notification on Android

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