Interactive 3D Models

I'm working on a project that calls for 3D models of our machines that can do the basics of zoom, pan, and scroll but also show popup windows of part details when hovering over a system part. Does anyone have any information of where to do these types of screen designs in Ignition?

I'm thinking SVG's but not sure if there's any other resources.

There probably isnt going to be anything easy with 3d...
How complex are machines gonna be?

Our machines a quite complex, I was hoping for the ability to view an Adobe 3D PDF, but the PDF viewer didn't like that file.

First fundamental question,
Vision, or Perspective?

This will likely require a module if its perspective.

I wrote a module once to view 3d models in Perspective with threejs, but I am looking around and I don't think I still have it. This is absolutely do-able, but not necessarily the easiest task. Perspective module development can be a bit difficult.

The zoom/pan/scroll portion is pretty easy once the viewer is in place. The popup window portion is a bit more difficult, because you would need to essentially create a tool-tip per item hovered and its a bit harder.

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PGriffith - Perspective.
kgamble - Thanks. It's good to know it's possible. If you come across it sounds like it would be a good addition to Ignition Exchange.



There is obviously an easier way to do this by coding in three.js or babylon.js and putting everything in an iframe and showing it in perspective. Accessing parent elements events like click is also possible in your iframe js code so you can click on something in perspective and move something in 3d.
Sending back data from 3d to perspective can be done by the web dev endpoint.
You can also expose your tag by web dev and consume data in js code with fetch() API.