Is there a way to specify Tab order?

Is there a way to specify Tab order and which Numeric/text box is selected when the window opens? Thanks

it looks like the order is determined by which row in the Tab Data dataset. It looks like you can move the tabs around if you go to the tab strip customizer menu. You could also build the dataset in scripting if you wanted to go that route.

There is a property of the tab strip that you can write to when the window opens up to select a certain tab

event.source.parent.getComponent('Tab Strip').selectedTab = "Tab 5"

Hi diat150,

I think you are confusing the tab strip with tabbing through Text fields, I am interested in the latter. Thanks

yes it looks like I was. I must have still been asleep!

Unfortunately there is no way to specify a tab order. The Tab Traversal Order is not something we are going to modify. I did a lot of testing with this for another customer using requestFocusInWindow(). The Tab Traversal Order swallows all tab events. Based on that, you can only tab through fields left to right, top to bottom. You can manipulate this a little bit by using containers. Now, if you want to use a key besides tab, then you could use requestFocusInWindow() and specify an order to move through the fields.

I found that by taking the components in question and using the cut, then paste function to reinsert the component back into the container will also change the tab transversal order. I used this technique field by field in the order I wanted to customize the order the tab focused on fields, and this worked for me. Thought I would throw that out there. Not ideal nor smooth, yet valid work around for me. If this situation has been fixed since then I would greatly appreciate a better solution, new google searches don’t reveal any new topics on this issue


Perspective solution:
(Tab strip - tab order - #5 by lrose)

nothing was available in 2014