Is Window Caching disabled in version 8?

Every window appears to reload every time we open it. Even if we’re just switching back and forth between two windows.

@Walt sorry for the delay,

Are you referring to window caching in Vision? This should function the same as 7.9. Do you have a project export that we can use to try to reproduce what you are seeing?

Jonathan C

I called into support yesterday. Ticket 97774. Some windows take a long time to open the first time and I believe they’re cached because they open pretty fast the second time. However, every time we change windows there is a period of time where all the bindings go bad until the new tags are loaded. In the meantime we’re bombarded by overlays. It seems to be related to everything being indirected (templates, template repeaters, and parameter driven windows).

In 7.9 it either loaded the tags/bindings faster or it didn’t show the overlays during that time.

There's a known bug where tag bindings get the wrong quality code at startup that causes the overlay to flash. Window caching doesn't keep bindings alive, so they have to restart regardless.

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