Items not showing in Perspective

I am using a Flex Repeater and noticed that when I scroll down, the different information disappears. I noticed that if I wait for a while, some information comes up, but it is not all the information.

This is ONLY happening on Apple iPad (7th generation). I have duplicated it on both the Perspective App and the Safari web browser.

I have got this page to work on a desktop browser and my mobile phone (both Perspective App and web browser).

However, although this works on other systems, the customer has standardized on the iPads and I don’t foresee them changing now…

Here is the screen On Load

Once I start to scroll… nothing is below it…

After waiting, most things come back, but the text never does…

Then, when I scroll back up, the top items aren’t showing any more…

My iPad is:

I see this bug and it is related to loading embedded view in slow devices like phone.
In some cases embedded view doesn't show forever in mobile devices.

Your only option is to minimaze the use of embedded view in each page.
For example in flex repeater you use embedded view and the embeded view itself use some other small embedded view. Replace those small embedded view with native component.

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I found this as well, it’s a bit frustrating as templates are the cornerstone of good scada projects… And these aren’t able to be used in some places such as these

I did find something that helped me out (at least for now). I removed all style references to “border-xxx-yyy-radius”. All the items show up and are working.

Granted, I did try to limit embedding views several layers deep. Also, I tried to (sadly) cut down on icons since loading the resources could have been causing issues, but it did not resolve the main issue.

Hope this helps someone else (and hopefully either you aren’t running iOS or this gets fixed in the future)