Java 9 Released

So, Java 9 is out! I usually figure Ignition is on top of all the new things, but it appears there is no support for Java 9 yet (lots of launch errors). I assume the suggestion is to stay on Java 8 at this time? Is 7.9.x going to ever support Java 9 or will Ignition 8 be the only one to support Java 9?

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Stay on Java 8 for now.

I think the gateway currently works under Java 9 but the client/designer need some work. We’re going to take a closer look after we release 7.9.5.

Looks like Java 9 is functional in 7.9.6. Should we allow clients to update, or still a bit too early until everything is better validated?

Funny timing. I just asked the maintenance team about this yesterday… they told me it’s functional but there may be some minor cosmetic issues lingering.

Lets hope this is the end of our High DPI woes!

Between Java 9 and Kyle’s suggestion here things should be better.

We are still have issues with Java 9. We get errors on client start-up and the designer doesn’t every really fully open. Are there still some known issues?

We are running on 7.9.6

Hi Allenr,

We don’t have any known outstanding issues that would prevent 7.9.6 from running on Java 9. One fix is planned for an issue that pops up with the Power Table, but that aside, we expect clients and designers in 7.9.6 to be compatible with Java 9.

Can you get in touch with support so we can help figure out why you’re not able to launch?