JfreeChart Dataset

Yes. Place the bindings that yield one tag at a time on custom properties of another component. (I usually use the chart’s container.) Use property change scripts to monitor those raw datasets and perform the merging (by unit) into datasets on the chart itself.

The merging will need to keep timestamps in the first column, and in order. You may need to use some tolerancing to get the raw data to line up on compatible timestamps.

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Thanks i will try to implement this idea

I have one dataset and 3 yaxis… I want to pass y axis dynamically to dataset. Its classic chart i am using. Is there any way to pass it dynamically?


I tired some script after that i don’t know how to proceed. Can yoy help me out

I don’t think so. (Certainly not easily.)

Consider creating three datasets, one for each axis. Supply a 0R x 0C dataset for the axes you don’t want to use. Distribute the rest of your data to the data property that has the appropriate unit.

Yaa that’s is possible. But trying to pass dynamically… I will try to find jfree script to achieve. If you find any think please share with me

One doubt… I have 4 units kwh, mwh, kwh, kg

I have to use some condition to find common units and not common units from that 4 units

And also i have to get the index position so that i can identity which dataset unit that one belongs

Which method is more effective to get my output?

@JordanCClark whether you have any idea ?


yAxis3 = NumberAxis("Y3");
plot.setRangeAxis(2, yAxis3);
plot.setDataset(2, x_dataset_8);
plot.mapDatasetToRangeAxis(2, 2);

I found , we can use this script to dynamically pass y axis to dataset

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