Looking for a way to import tags from Studio5000 into Ignition?

I have been exploring Ignition as a possible replacement to the Visual Designer platform we currently use for our machine HMIs. The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is how to define alarms. In Visual Designer(and other HMI software) it’s pretty straightforward to just copy/paste a list of tags from Studio5000 and have them map over to the alarm tags on the HMI. In Ignition, it looks like the alarming is done on an individual level per tag. Some our PLC projects have 1000s of alarms and doing this one by one is not feasible. Is there a tool that can import these tags from an excel spreadsheet and create the alarms in Ignition? This is the main hang up I have with Ignition in my few days of demo. I imagine someone must have gone through something similar in the all the years Ignition has been out so any direction or guidance would be much appreciated!

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UDTs are your friend in Ignition. One UDT per AOI. Define tag paths and alarms for each UDT via parameters and such. Create new instances and tags and alarms are auto-generated. There’s also the multi-instance wizard if your AOIs are named in a way that can utilize it.

Then use indirect binding and just pass tag paths to your templates.

You might also find great value in L5K Parser resource on Ignition Exchange:

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This too. I use it to create simulator devices for offline development