Maker and Rasbery pi & Jetson nano GPIO access

What is the best way for maker to access The GPIO pins of devices like rasberry pi

I recommend running the pigpiod daemon and connecting to its socket interface from a long-lived asynchronous thread. The client-side python module for that project looks jython-compatible, but you might want to optimize it. Python’s socket module is notoriously laggy in jython.

This looks neat, I hadn’t seen this before.

I can no longer recommend using Pi4J / wiringpi libraries because they have been abandoned at this point, which is why we decided not to implement some kind of GPIO driver for maker edition.

One of my clients recommended it when I ran into trouble with the baseline CPython RPi.GPIO module. I had initially rejected pigpio as too heavyweight, as it runs a daemon. He was delighted to prove me wrong. (:

the jetson nano comes with a GPIO python library.

  1. can a python GPIO library be used with ignition maker.
  2. Does the GPIO used with ignition maker have to be in a jython or jave library.
  3. Can the maker GPIO library be executed by associating a script to something like a button.
    4.Are there any examples I can look at that show ignition using the GPIO pins.

Almost certainly not, as GPIO access from python is likely via a C DLL python extension.

Yes, unless there is filesystem or socket access available.

Probably not, except for filesystem or socket access.

Not that I know of.