It should work with whatever 8xx models have ethernet.


+1 for the request to add the proper EIP driver for the 820/850 Micros please.

According to the ideas page, it’s not going to happen. Other than ease of configuration, there’s no benefit to using EIP over MODBUS.


Hmm. It does say that, doesn’t it…

I think we are going to do it eventually, there’s just other priorities ahead of it.

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Hi, I have a question about Micro820 Modbus mapping, do I need to do anything from mapping to connect ignition ??

I need your help: I am trying to connect Micro 820 to my ignition but I don’t know how?
Do I need to do anything in the Modbus mapping section?

Create your tag mapping in CCW, then in Ignition either use the bulk creator (found in devices section of gateway) or add them one by one by creating new tags in Designer


Yes its works fine thanks for your help

Is there any update regarding ** EIP driver for the 820/850 Micros ** ?
I really would like to avoid doing modbus mapping with micro820.


Sorry nothing has changed. Still going to do it eventually, still lower priority than other projects.

Well, maybe this will help. Can’t map a string to the Modbus setup in the Micro820 so there would be functionality gained by developing a driver.

I might beat Kevin to it. (:


For some odd reason modbus doesn’t like my facility, so i communicate to a controllogix and from there to ignition.

Any update for the Micro820 driver?

As far as I know , no. Modbus comms is still the preferred way .

I keep looking for updates on this as well. Granted, I don’t know how Ethernet/IP is implemented in the native Ignition drivers, but when looking at the pylogix code, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference besides not allowing bulk reads/writes, a different comm path, and how strings are handled.

If this is all that’s required, I would think this would be something IA can easily add to the existing driver to add compatibility quickly.

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@michael.flagler I agree with you that the communication cannot be much different. As for the compatibility with the native A-B drivers, I did manage to get a “connected” status when trying to apply the Logix driver to it but got bad values on the tags.

Setting up peer-to-peer networks over EIP with the Micro820/850/870, CompactLogix, and ControlLogix is pretty painless and the messaging is set up the same basic way in all of the above.

Another situation that raises the question of compatibility is that A-B has the proper controller type as “Logix” when setting up the DF1 rslinx driver to connect through the Micro820 serial port.

I did get the Modbus TCP driver working just fine but there would certainly be advantages to an ethernet driver and the demand seems to be there for it.

Stumbled upon this, obviously late to the game. You're right, there weren't many changes to support Micro8xx controllers. The path changed slightly, strings are handled different and there are a few CIP objects that they don't support. The Micro8xx support unsigned types, which Rockwell didn't add to the Logix platform until recently (certain controllers and firmware revisions).

I was reluctant to support it at first because I don't personally use them, so I didn't want to sign up for something I couldn't support. My Rockwell rep gifted me one, so I decided to add support.

I can appreciate that Kevin might be in a similar boat: Do I really want to take this on, considering everything else that needs to be done?

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It's supported in my expanded EtherNet/IP module. Still in pre-alpha testing, but not for much longer.


Now in public beta with MicroLogix 820, 850, and 870 support: