Migrating from v7.9 to v8.0

We are currently migrating from 7.9.8 to 8.0.3 (latest stable at this time) and have several projects on the same gateway.
After doing an upgrade over the top of v7 we seem to be having a few problems:

  • Alarm pipelines in the designer are not present, but the gateway webpage seems to know they exist.
    EDIT: seems there is a new project with imported alarm pipelines
  • Alarm tags reference to existing pipeline is not the same as the 7.9 alarm pipeline path.
  • Designer/Tag Browser/Gateway seem to crash/timeout when editing a UDT datatype tag, alarm property, which has many refrenced tags. Have to keep restarting the gateway to get back to normal
    Has anyone else come across this.
  • Cant seem to find 3d/gradient options for buttons on v8? Are these options still available?

Has anyone come across the any of the above and have any solutions?


They’re in a project called “alarm-pipelines” now.

Has this broken something? You may be seeing a path with a project name in it now.

Might be this: [BUG-13990] Ignition 8.0.2-rc1 - bug when expression use tag function in alarms bindings

Were these Vision component properties? I think there’s a filter on the properties panel that no longer shows the advanced category by default.

These properties were removed because they weren’t compatible with the new look and feel in 8.

Thanks for the reply Kevin,

So I’m assuming the alarm pipelines are now project based not global anymore?

Seems very similar - this only seems to be happening when connected PLC/OPC. If i run in a test project in a VM with no devices connected and change the settings, all seems good

Yes i believe so, vision property filter is on ‘All’, but not seeing the gradient options - even when changing to any of the other filters. Are these properties located somewhere else now? or do i have to enable ‘advanced’ somewhere?

Yep, there’s no global resources any more. On upgrade, for backwards compatibility, we created a project called “global” and all your other projects inherit from it. But there’s nothing else special about it. Pipelines and run-always SFCs had to go into their own projects because they are “runnable” things.

They were removed according to @PGriffith.

The latest stable release is 8.0.2, not 8.0.3. That bug was only fixed 7 days ago in the nightly build. It might be worth seeing if it’s fixed there.

You might also want to skim the Ignition 8 upgrade guide if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the update, seems a bit odd though? Tab strips still have the gradient option but not buttons. I only say this as i made a custom tab strip with buttons in v7 to make it look and feel similar

All good, thanks for the help guys :+1:

Will give it a go in my VM, thanks

The tab strip works because we’re “painting” it ourselves - it’s a custom component. All of our buttons are just thin wrappers over Java’s default objects, and the look and feel has a lot more control there than we do.

If you need these, it’s easy to make your own button template styled as desired (we don’t use any of the built-in buttons). That’s not to say it’s trivial to switch from built-in buttons to your template buttons on an existing project that uses a bunch of them.

Thanks for the clarification, makes sense :+1:

Cool, will have a play with some styles and see what we can come up with

Is this reflected in the Ignition 8 User Manual?

Which part? The global resources and pipeline stuff is in the upgrade guide.

I’m not sure about the gradient options for Vision components.

The pipeline stuff. Is the “Upgrade Guide” different from the online Ignition 8 User Manual?

I linked to it in the previous post. It’s also the first section under “Installing and Upgrading” in the Ignition 8 manual.

so this is correct wording? forgive me if I am confused…

No, it looks like that needs to be updated.

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I apologize for the misleading statement in the user manual. That appears to be held over from earlier versions of the software. I’ve updated some images, and removed mention of “global” resources from the page.

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