Missing text on print

Hello, I am experiencing an issue when printing out a window. I am using 7.9.10.

Whenever I print something out the text is missing from it. I have read that this is a bug that has to do with Java and to use the JPL file instead of running the project from the client but my only issue with that is that on startup I cannot run the JPL file because the gateway is not running. Is there any other work around to get the project to startup. Or to fix the missing text issue?

You can still use the legacy native client launchers in 7.9, which will use Java from the local system; see this post for information on accessing the legacy launchers: Native Client Launcher: 32 or 64-bit? and this page for information on configuring them for automatic launch: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/Native+Client+Launchers

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I deleted the JRT folder and it works perfectly fine now. Thank you very much!