Module Git - Easy integration of git for your development

We have a consultant working on a new Azure DevOps scheme for source control, build-and-deploy pipelines, etc and the proof of concept is about to become multi-user. It started using git via CLI on any particular dev gateway, but has now pivoted to using this module for ease of use.

As for where dev/test gateways run, I'm still waiting to hear more re: pulling images to run locally in Docker Desktop, or running them remotely on Azure. IMO it sounds simpler to just leave all development images running in Azure, the only downside being development cannot happen locally offline.

@John_S1 what other integration are you thinking with Azure DevOps? Tags and UDTs? That's our next frontier on this journey, since right now it's a painful mix of importing/exporting JSON, find/replace inside Designer or text editors with regex, and a colleague's occasional handiwork in Jupyter to script instantiation of complex tag hierarchies with many parameters.

Hello, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm facing some issues with the gateway configuration export. Also, when I tried Azure DevOps on the same, ssh is giving some errors, I'm trying to sort that out, and will try to keep you posted.

Have a good day.

Yes @msteele, I'm also working on a way to find the same structure, just checking the possibilities to save the data into the same folder using a scheduled event now, maybe afterward I will try to change the structure. As of now, I will be exporting the tags to the system and manually doing the activity, but will get change to store in the same folder per project location.