Module Quarantine Because License Not Yet Accepted

It would show up on the page that details your Ignition license and cd key, but if it’s not licensed then it’s not in dev mode either. Hmm.

System Status System Properties Context State Running Redundancy Mode Independent Redundancy State Active Version 7.7.8 (b2016040703) Java Version Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_25 CPU % 24.7 Memory (used/max) 278 mb / 2.0 gb Uptime 6 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, 7 seconds Timezone America/Chicago [GMT-6:00] Locale en_US Java Library Path lib;lib\core\gateway Note: For more detailed system status, see the System Console

Licensing and Activation Current License No license installed. Activate Ignition Purchase or activate this Ignition Gateway Install License

Modules Expand Alarm Notification enable live values Expand Allen-Bradley Drivers enable live values Expand Logix Driver enable live values Expand Modbus Driver v2 enable live values Expand OPC-UA enable live values Expand PDF Viewer enable live values Expand Reporting enable live values Expand SFC enable live values Expand Siemens Drivers enable live values Expand SQL Bridge enable live values Expand Symbol Factory enable live values Expand UDP and TCP Drivers enable live values Expand User Manual enable live values Expand Vision enable live values Expand Web Browser enable live values

I tried on Friday to install module with license on the production server and experienced the same problem. I had to remove the license file in order to be able to successfully install and use the module.

I am encountering this problem with Ignition 7.9.1. Here are the symptoms I observe:

  1. On Windows, I can have a license embedded in my module and the module loads correctly and there are no problems.
  2. On Ubuntu and OSX, if I have a license embedded in my module, it will not load. The same symptoms are seen as are described in the rest of this thread: It seems to load, I accept the license, but then it doesn’t appear in the Modules list. The output in wrapper.log is:
jvm 1    | I [g.ModuleManager               ] [01:16:50]: Installing module: "com.seeq.ignition" 
jvm 1    | W [g.ModuleManager               ] [01:16:51]: Moving module Seeq to quarantine because license not yet accepted. 
jvm 1    | E [g.ModuleManager               ] [01:16:51]: Cannot start up module "com.seeq.ignition", it doesn't exist.

My module is signed with a certificate trusted by a CA.

If I remove the license, everything works properly on all platforms.

Can you email us a copy of your module?

There might be some line-ending issue on different platforms causing the check to see if the EULA has been accepted to fail.

Sent to, let me know if you do not receive it.

Can you send a Windows build also? Do you build these on the same machine or different machines?

Hey Kevin, sorry I didn’t see your reply until now. I believe I sent the Windows build to your developer. We build them on different machines. (We build Ubuntu on an Ubuntu machine and Windows on a Windows machine.)

Did this get resolved? I’m having this issue with 7.9.10 using trial license.

I never had a resolution…

I will soon be looking into this again, since the client wanted to upgrade to a 7.9.x version but because the API changed again for 8.x I suggested that it might be better for them to wait. I’m going to have to update my module for the changes to the API and they shouldn’t have to pay for that twice in a relatively short time frame.