Monitor Store and Forward Cache

Is there a good way to set up alerts or monitor the health and capacity of the store and forward cache? Glancing through the manual I don’t see anything and also didn’t see anything on previous forum posts. Thought I’d ask here. Thanks!

Looks like there used to be a way in 79:

Doesn't work in 8. Perhaps put in a feature request to bring this back.

It's available in the gateway metrics, so perhaps possible to use a custom script to retrieve it from there, however I skimmed the forum search for it and didn't find any results.

Found the same thing - only thing I've seen is someone using a custom module to get it. I'll add it as a feature. Some of these metrics would be nice to set alerts on for people overseeing the actual gateways.

There's a whole set of store and forward system tags as of 8.1.2:

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I know. Those tags are great! They are on 7.9 sadly.

That would be a no then, unfortunately. 79 is end of life June 2022. There will be zero more development on it.

Your only route is the custom module.

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