Multi language support


Thanks for your feedback. I think we’ll have a few options for how lookups are handled, such as ignoring whitespace, punction, etc. On your case request, though: do you simply mean that it should be case sensitive, or do you mean that all caps should be handled differently?

One thing to keep in mind is that we will allow a “translation” for english as well (or whatever the base language is). This will allow for the use of more specific ids, when necessary. That is, normally the key will also be the base word, like “Batch”, but it could also be “Batch.1”, with “Batch” as the “english alternate”.

The ability to translate/add translations dynamically from the client isn’t planned, though maybe with the right scripting functions available, you could do something like this, if desired.


Thanks Colby; that sounds good.

Regarding ALL CAPS, case sensitivity is definitely desired so we don’t need to do extra work to keep “BATCH” and “Batch” in the correct case when translated.

The option to have an English translation to allow more specific handling of certain instances should cover most other cases.

Scripting functions that would allow going from displayed string to translation DB to allow editing translations from client would be slick.

Hi Coby,

Do you have news about it? When do you think it will be released?

Thank you very much