Multi-line text return from expression

Hello Forum,

Is it possible to return new line characters using an expression? I want to make multi-line labels and buttons using expressions.

Is this something that can be done?

Yes, you can do this by using HTML.

"<HTML>test<br>more test"

Thank you for that. For some reason in this circumstance it show correctly in the designer but in the client it doesn’t display the same. Also the attribute has some kind of warning next to it. Is there a way to see why it is displayed?

Can you send the actual error as well as a screenshot of the client that shows it not being displayed the same?

Within the diagnostic logs I don’t see any errors. Is there another place to see errors?

That warning is indicating that there’s a conflict with the binding on the component and the ‘style customizer’ - right click the component, and go to Customizers - Style Customizer:

Then remove the ‘Text’ property from the ‘used properties’ list:

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Thank you, after doing that the linebreak worked.

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